FAQ Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a kitchen?

The Loft has a commercial catering (not cooking) kitchen available for approved, licensed caterers to use.  The kitchen features a commercial dishwasher, double refrigerator, double sink, heater/ proofer, ice machine and large work space.

Can we bring our own food in?

All food served in The Loft must be prepared in a commercially licensed kitchen, as required by the Clatsop County Department of Health.  We will provide you a list of caterers that are approved to cater food at The Loft.  Use of a non-approved caterer must be negotiated in advance, will be subject to a minimum $350 fee and requires a written food service and busing plan be provided to The Loft.

Can we bring our own alcohol in?

When alcoholic beverages are to be served at the event, renters must abide by all applicable laws of the State of Oregon.  While we ALWAYS recommend doing your beverage service through a licensed and insured caterer, you may bring in your own alcohol (beer and wine ONLY, no hard alcohol) for an ADDITIONAL FEE and it must be served by a OLCC licensed  bartender.   You will also need to provide a "Certificate of Liability Insurance" naming 'The Loft at The Red Building' as additional insured if alcohol is being served and you are not using a licensed and insured caterer for your alcohol service.  This policy is typically available through your homeowner's insurance policy as a one-day rider for bodily injury and property damage in the amount of $1,000,000.  This certificate must show the date of the event and the name of the rental party.  A copy of this certificate must be provided to The Loft no later than 14 days prior to your event.
Supplemental insurance is NOT required if you are using a licensed and insured caterer for your alcohol service.
If you choose the DIY bar option, your bar hours will be limited to no more than 6 hours maximum open time.  (I.e. if your bar service begins at 4pm, your last call must be at 9:30pm with a firm bar closure of 10pm.)
OLCC Licensing:
In Oregon, private hosted bars featuring hard alcohol, beer and wine do not require any special licensing from OLCC.  Private no-host (cash) bars may only feature beer and wine and do require a special day license.  OLCC does not allow private no-host service of hard alcohol.  Only OLCC licensed food and beverage establishments and caterers may sell hard alcohol.
If you are bringing in your own alcohol and are not using a licensed and insured caterer AND you have accepted payment or donations for entry to your event, you will also need to obtain a special event liquor license through the OLCC.  More information can be found on their website.

How much parking space is there?

There is ample parking around The Loft.  We also have a trolley stop right in front of The Loft.

Do you allow animals in The Loft?

We understand that people’s pets are part of their families however we are a food-service location and therefore, with the exception of service animals, we do not allow animals in The Loft.

Do you have in-house catering?

While The Loft does not offer in-house catering we do have a list of approved caterers for you to choose from to cater your special event at The Loft.  Our list of approved caterers has been curated to ensure quality of food and service while meeting a wide range of budgets and styles.  If you would like any guidance or assistance in choosing a caterer, please do not hesitate to let us know.  

Are there noise limitations?

Current City of Astoria Municipal Code prohibits noise levels above 65 dBA after 10:00PM.  In general – if you can hear outside, it is too loud.  Most DJs/ Bands know how to comply with the rules but we can go over some of suggestions of how you can comply with the local noise ordinances.

Do you have an elevator/disabled access?

The space has an elevator and is fully ADA accessible.

Do you provide cleaning services? Is this included?

At the conclusion of your rental time, the space must be cleared of anything you brought in including decor, furnishings, food and beverage service equipment, etc. and all trash, debris and food waste must be removed (typically this is handled by your caterer).  We do have a dumpster and recycling adjacent to the building.  The kitchen must be left as found (clean and clear of any waste).  We will provide cleaning guidelines prior to your event.  We do offer cleaning and overnight decor storage for additional fees.

Are tables and chairs included?

Yes, the standard rental includes the use of 20 6ft. round tables, 10 6ft. rectangular tables, and 200 high-quality black padded conference chairs.

How many people can be seated at tables?

A 6ft round table can seat 8-12 people and a 6ft rectangular can seat 6-8, depending on the configuration.